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Including Microgreens in Your Diet

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Maybe you've never eaten microgreens before. Maybe you are like many of our customers that had never even heard of microgreens before we offered them a free sample. Now you are staring at your free sample and wondering, "How on earth do I eat them?". Your family is joking about eating grass and you are searching for ideas of increasing your family's nutrition with these 'cute' little plants.

Good news - we had never eaten microgreens either before starting our farm in July of 2020!

We face the same challenge of learning how to eat them too!

Good news- it can be quite easy.

Does your family eat salad? Awesome! Finely chop up broccoli or sunflower or pea microgreens and add to your salad. If your family likes raw onions or spicy radishes, finely chop radish microgreens for a delicious kick for your salad.

Does your family enjoy sandwiches? Terrific! What a great place to build and 'hide' nutrition with microgreens. Broccoli is so tender and delicious, that it is a favorite! Add radishes for spice!

Having tacos or burritos? Go ahead and offer another topping option? Going to potluck? Bring a salad and add a few of your favorites on top as a garnish. If you love garnishing your foods, you're going to love microgreens for their visual appeal, variety of flavors, variety of textures and colors.

Have fun. Add extra nutrition and flavor. Where do you use chopped lettuce or spinach or kale or tomatoes or peppers or onions, or_______? Trying adding one or more microgreens for an exciting new venture. Adding microgreens to your diet should be fun!

It's morning. You are running late or just bored with the same old breakfast. Power it up with our Delicious Pineapple Microgreen Smoothie. Nourish your body and see how much better it responds than stimulating it with caffeine.

It's lunch and you're thinking about a sandwich. Right on! Just add a healthy serving of 2 or more microgreens for a taste enhancement and a nutrient explosion!

It's dinner and you are hungry. What can you eat quickly that will keep you full and energized for all the activities you'll be doing this evening? Salad goes great with nearly everything so just add a handful of your favorite microgreens for a nutrition boost. Remember how some of the nutrients in broccoli are 40x more than in their mature counterparts? You may not have time to eat pounds of broccoli for dinner tonight but a generous serving of broccoli microgreens will have you covered without the time and money and chewing and chewing!

Craving a snack? Many of our customers eat sunflower microgreens right out of the container. Give it a try. You may have just found your new favorite snack - low calorie, high nutrition, and quick to fix - just open the container!

Microgreens are high in nutrition.

Microgreens are easy to add anywhere you may be adding other raw veggies.

Microgreens are consumer friendly - delivered right to your home or business. No need to go out to buy them.

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