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Our Story

“What goes around come around”, the saying goes. In my life it’s true with a twist! Born and raised in a farming family, I grew up with an appreciation for the miracle of growth buried in those humble seeds. In our garden and in the fields, our lives were sustained physically and financially by those seeds. Fast forward to a new country, decades later. The intrigue with growing food has grown, along with an intense passion for nutritious foods for nourishing our marvelously created bodies. Through providential circumstances, I learned how I could be a microgreen farmer! No longer would acres, quarters, or bushels be part of the conversation. Harvests would be weekly and weighted in ounces. The environment would be indoors, organic, and controlled. The concept of microgreen farming proved catchy and soon it was a family adventure. Our garage became transformed into a “field” of 10”x20” microgreen trays bursting with delicious microgreens. This was the birth of Living Leaves. We all ‘play’ a part in the planting, growing, harvesting, and deliveries. We enjoy microgreens in smoothies, sandwiches, salads, as finger food, etc. on a daily basis.

Living Leaves LLC is committed to weekly free deliveries to families and businesses in Lincoln, Nebraska. Delivered within 24 hours of harvesting, we set a standard for microgreen freshness. With a moneyback guarantee our customers are always protected. Amazing, fresh tasting microgreens are the ‘root’ of our ‘growing’ business. Growing for you is what we do best!

Meet The Team

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