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Coming from a farming background, we developed a passion to work with the dirt and be a part of the miracle of growth. Growing our own food is a part of life for us. Growing microgreens has taken this love to a new level and allowed us to share it with our family and friends, while taking us, as a family, on a new adventure.
We love spending time with our 8 children, 4 in-laws, and 6
grandchildren. Eating together, biking, hiking, and growing microgreens are some of our favorite activities.


What are microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetable greens that are grown to the cotyledon leaf stage.  The baby plants nutrition levels are much higher than their mature counter parts. They can be used in green drinks and smoothies, soups, garnishes, salads, and for visual enhancement. Just about any vegetable or grain can be grown as microgreens. 


Where to pick up?

We are growing the number of locations to buy living leaves!

Red Clover Health Market: 5500 Old Cheney Rd #14, Lincoln, NE 68516 Price $4.50 per container

Leon's Food Mart

2200 Winthrop Rd, Lincoln, NE 68502 

Price $5 per container

Weekly home Delivery to the Lincoln area.


Request a free sample of microgreens!
Delivered on Thursday

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